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Please let [me] worry about [me]
Don't {you} worry about [me]
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[Serious/Apathetic/Blank] Uh-huh...
[Private to Akula // unhackable]Collapse )

Gunfire and soldiers patrolling around day in and day out... how's anyone supposed to get any rest? I really wish we would just refuse service, but I don't want to cause any more trouble... I hope this ends peacefully.

Erika, Kage, I won't forgive you two if either of you get caught.
[Soft smile] Hey there...
Akula, Sam, I left you both some chocolate in your respective rooms. I hope you like them. There's a card too. ♥ Happy Valentine's Day, you two. And Sam, thank you very much for the flowers. They're lovely.

I hope everyone else is having a good day! Give your loved one a hug. ♥

Erika, Kage, I hope you two are doing well too.


I want my own momonga now.
2nd-Feb-2008 02:06 pm - 30; Work it harder, make it better
[Soft smile] Hey there...
-Notice to the general public-

With our new stage finally cleared off and set up in place, we'll be hosting open mic nights every Tuesday and Thursday and performances from local groups every Friday and Saturday. If you are interested in performing, please email me and we'll set up an audition.

Open mic nights will begin next Tuesday and drinks will be half off after 9 PM.

Also please remember to check for all of your belongings before leaving the bar. There have been several coats, purses, wallets, and other items left over the months past few weeks. We will attempt to contact you when possible. Otherwise, all items will be kept for a week before we keep the items we like they are donated.

February already? Time moves quickly these days. Though hmm, between the new workers and Akula taking over as a bartender, I have more free time now. I think it's time I pick up a hobby. Something productive. Maybe knitting. I could always use more scarves.

Though it does feel odd to have days where I don't have to work.

((ooc: Strikeouts so not there.))
[Laughing] That's wonderful!
-Message to Akula and Sam-

I think now that we're into another year we should sit down and discuss things. And I think it's time you two got a raise. ♥

Let me know when will work the best.

-Private message to Akula-

Can you pick up some chips and soda from the store and keep an eye on Sam?
[Default] Rock and roll!
Merry Christmas everyone! Or day after at least. Thank you to everyone who attended the party, I hope you all enjoyed yourself! There's plenty of leftover cookies and egg nog if anyone wants some. Hope you all come back for our New Year's and Bar Solana's one-year anniversary!

Akula, Sam, thank you for helping me get everything set up. And taken back down. And I hope you two enjoyed your presents. That goes to everyone else too!

Though I can't believe a year has (almost) gone by. Where does the time go? So much has happened to. But it's been a good one. I think in the end, I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
[Laughing] That's wonderful!
Almost a year now. But it's been a good one. And so many things to celebrate too... Christmas, the New Year, ... the reopening of Bar Solana...

WELL! No time to waste! Sam, Akula, you two get to help me decorate. I'm thinking nice winter colors. Also some holiday themed drinks. What do you two think?
[Laughing] That's wonderful!
Thank you everyone for coming! I'm glad all of you had fun! Maybe we should do it again sometime, just for the sake of it. Costume parties are fun after all. ♥

Though I don't think I'll ever get glitter out of my hair.

But thank you all again!

And Akula, Sam, you two make wonderful familiars. ♥♥

Mister Raaz has a very nice body.
[Laughing] That's wonderful!
Mister Raaz, Ms. Farinox (or should I be calling your Mrs. Raaz now?), I know I've already said everything at the ceremony, but I hope the both of you have many happy years ahead.

And the bouquet is still looking beautiful. I'll dry it out so it'll last forever.

...Halloween is next week. I think a party is in order. Akula, Sam, both of you are helping out. :)
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